Imaginary Architecture



Digital photography



Concept/ Craft/ Photography

Goldie Wong



This project was derived from the depiction of a building that lived in my mind:


A five-hundred meters tall building with matt white, smooth, and shiny silver texture. It almost look like a piece of ice at day time. The shape of the building is irregular, like the forms of melting lava that have been frozen after an explosion of a volcano. It also looks like multiple mountains joining together with different elevation points. The form of the building would change according to the intensity of the daylight it absorbed. The surface of the building also acts as a sensor that detects the intensity of light. There is one window on each of the elevation point. The window frames are made of shark jaw with different sizes. The window is operated by the open and close action of the shark jaw. The shiny silver texture of the building will turn into fur at night time. It was made of white wolves fur. The fur would trap the heat that have been collected during the day. The building is located in the middle of a lake. The lake is at the valley that surround by two three-thousands meters tall mountains. The entrance of the building is located in a fifty feet tall cedar tree. There is only one single cedar tree around the lake. The door is regulated by particular humidity, it depends on how much water you pour underneath the tree. There is an underground tunnel constructed from the tree to the building underneath the water. It is a clear glass, test-tube like tunnel with an auto cart built-into it. The cart is operated by the suction force that generated at the other end of the tunnel, which is the base of the building. The suction force again, is regulated by the particular humidity exposed to that cedar tree.