Hong Kong International Poster Triennial Silver Award 2007


Concept/ Art Director/ Designer

Goldie Wong



Puppetry is an art form where a person subtly controls a human-like doll to create entertainment for others. But the puppetry represented in this poster is a dysfunctional one. The strings to control the puppets are not attached to their limbs, they are actually strangling them to death. Instead of a scene of laughter and joy, it is one that is shocking and disturbing.


This poster attempts to draw a metaphor between puppetry and the parent-child relationship. It takes the perspective of a child to analyze the problem of parents who force their child to satisfy their own expectations without regard to their child’s wishes. From this perspective, it is irrelevant whether the parent’s intentions to control the child are good-hearted or not, the child only feels oppression and suffering. It is the death of childhood.