16mm found footage + handmade film collage transferred to video




Unwrapping refers to removing the outer cover or wrapping. She unwraps a gift on her birthday. He unwraps the package of his new book. I unwrap the foil cover of my chocolate. We unwrap the plastic, the foil, the paper, the ribbon and throw them away. We unwrap the orange peel, the onion peel, the banana peel, the potato peel and throw them away. So many things are unwrapped by us each day but no one care about the cover, the wrapper, the skin, things that we are “supposed” to throw away. To unwrap also means to reveal something hidden under a cover. People are usually curious about what is hidden underneath the cover. This is the reason why people would analyze every sort of social behaviours and try to find out the meanings behind. Those meanings were usually based on the measure of the majority group and most of the time, the minorities were being ignored, liked the wrappers that we were “supposed” to throw away.


About the film
A man returns home at night, he took off his clothes. He unwraps himself. There is a thunderstorm outside, the man decides to close the window blind. He wraps himself up.


I peel off the skin of an onion, the skin of a garlic and throw the skin away. Underneath their skin, I saw moving scene of trees. I read the pattern of the skin, the textured skin of a tree, inside the pattern, I found lives attached to the skin of a tree.